#Hashtag Harmony

The hashtag, formerly referred to as a pound or hash sign if you’re a Brit, some snarky and sarcastic; others smart and socially conscious – are here to stay, and they are a big part of how we communicate and interact on social media. In the simplest of terms, a hashtag is written with a “#” symbol in front of it and used to index keywords or topics on social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat.

Check for hashtags that have the most users via simple searches on social media sites. This exercise helps determine what people are searching for. (Hint: Hashtags that become very popular are often found on your Twitter homepage and listed as trending topics.)

All posts should include several hashtags in ascending order of popularity. At the time of this writing, #plasticsurgery had 312,450 while #plasticsurgeon had 72,442; #liposuction had 72,041 but #fatreduction had only 9,432. Use the same hashtags throughout your social platforms for consistency and add to your core list as needed.

Solid hashtag ideas include product/brand hashtags (these encourage companies to like and follow your posts. Who doesn’t want to see their name in lights?), contest hashtags, general keyword hashtags (#beautysplurge #bestbodyshaping #skincaretips), practice-specific hashtags (#bestplasticsurgeon #LAcosmeticsurgeon #smithaesthetics), event hashtags, trending hashtags and location-based hashtags.

Each day of the week seems to have its own hashtag variations. Choose from #motivationalmonday, #ManCrushMonday; #transformationtuesday; #WomanCrushWednesday, #HumpDay; #ThrowbackThursday; #FlashbackFriday, #FaceliftFriday; #SaturdaySwag, #SaturdayShenanigan and #SundayFunday, #SelfieSunday, and more.

Now #Getstarted.

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