If HQ Trivia, that wildly popular free app, is any indication, quizzes and trivia are hotter than ever. (Read: marketing gold.)

Every weekday at 3 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. ET and once each day on the weekend at 9 p.m. ET, one million-plus people are starring at their phone, praying to the wireless gods that they have good coverage as they get ready to play HQ, a 12-question multiple choice trivia game for real money.

It’s a sensation and not the only one out there. Few among us can resist the temptation of a captivating quiz, survey or trivia match. These crafty endeavors are welcome distractions from our daily lives. And as a result, quiz marketing is emerging as a smart and simple way to drive engagement.


To be effective, your quiz must have a catchy, you-don’t-want-to-miss-it title. Quiz titles that always do well are of “The Which (Blank) Are You?” variety. There are many ways to spin out this idea for an aesthetic practice to keep patients and potential patients engaged with your brand. For example, “Are you a Filler or Botox Candidate?” Ask a few questions that aim to identify trouble spots so quiz takers get a better idea of what type of injectable will meet their needs. This exercise also serves to educate your target audience on what certain injectables can and can’t do. It’s a win-win.

Everyone is (or thinks they are) an expert which is why knowledge tests rock. Ask some multiple-choice questions about popular aesthetic procedures such as “Botox is appropriate for which of the following concerns and conditions? a) crow’s’ feet, b) forehead lines, c) glabellar lines d) severe underarm sweating e) migraines f) all of the above. Anything that capitalizes on celebrity plastic surgery knowledge is sure to do well too. There’s lots of fodder out there for quizzes and trivia.

Our attention span is rumored to be just eight seconds. Keep quizzes and trivia short and sweet with no more than six questions a pop. Make sure the quiz isn’t too slow to load as that will frustrate players and potential patients. A savvy web programmer can help your team develop the infrastructure for quizzes and trivia games.

Make sure to add a call to action asking the quiz taker to share his or her email address plus other useful data (age, sex, location, etc.) in exchange for education from an expert.
Smart quizzes and trivia can easily go viral so make sure to promote yours across all of your social media channels and allow players to share their results with their friends and fans.

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