Engagement on Twitter is of the utmost importance because it helps humanize your brand. Your Twitter account should feel like a living, breathing being is operating it. By interacting with those who follow you, you’re able to gauge their interest and intrigue them so they read your tweets more frequently. Posing questions in your tweets is one simple way to interact with your followers. Retweeting relevant tweets by those who you follow indicates interest in other’s tweets as well as possibly sparking conversation. Replying to other tweets and starting conversations through this method can also help increase engagement.

Who you follow and who follows you on Twitter are very important components of your account as these users become your main audience. Your tweets will appear on the home feeds of your followers, so follows that you would want interested parties to be viewing your tweets. The best way to gain such followers is to examine the followers of similar brands and follow their followers. Following other accounts will help you gain an audience, and this is one of the best ways to increase awareness of your account. It is important to read the biography or “about” section of who you choose to follow and gauge their interest from this information. Additionally, selecting to follow the followers of major leaders in the industry can help you properly select segments of twitter users, who will likely be interested in your tweets.

To make the most of your tweets, it’s a good idea to include a link to a continuation of your thoughts, follow-up information, or other relevant facts. Adding links to content posted on your own website can help direct traffic there. The best way to do this, is to use a web address shrinker, which will take long URLs and shrink them to a manageable character amount. There is also the option of syncing Facebook posts to your Twitter, which sends out truncated versions of Facebook posts, along with links to the original post. If an image suits your tweet, you can use a twitter photo application to link to a relevant photo.

And don’t forget to use some hashtags – up to 3 is a good number.