Patients are programmed to do their research online before making a decision to reach out to your practice. So, if you are lacking in rich content that is able to persuade them to get in touch, you may be at risk of losing them to competitors.

This form of marketing is a vital component of a comprehensive practice growth strategy. Consumers tend to respond better when the telltale signs of hardcore promotion are more subtle. So, instead of aggressively pitching your products and services via emails and Facebook, provide some content that is truly relevant and useful to your target audience. For example, offer solutions to the concerns that may be on their minds.

You also don’t always need to heavily incorporate brand messaging and product pitches to make an impact. The best strategy should have a mix of different types of content, such as content designed to generate brand awareness, plus editorial content of general interest, alongside a targeted offer with specific details. Studies have shown that consumer awareness generally increases after engaging with memorable, compelling content.

If you know your audience well, you will be in a better position to create a content experience that offers value and entertainment. Try to understand the wants and needs of your patients to create a brand narrative that will reach them in the right way. When they see content that matters and is relevant to them specifically, they may be more inclined to engage with you on the channels where they are active.

Consumers want to get something in return for their time and attention. Therefore, your content needs to be authentic and real to stand out. Great content does not start with glitzy blurbs all about how amazing you are. Try to avoid utilizing an overly fluffy or superficial tone to make an impact.

You need to tell a different story to cut through all the clutter. Don’t just focus on your skincare range or how great your lasers are. Rather, focus on what your patients need. Think about who your ideal customers are. What information would they find valuable enough that they are willing to pay for it? They first need to know why they need what you have to offer, and what problem/concern you can solve for them. Then they need to develop confidence about the potential result or outcome of each solution.

The best kind of content is generated by listening to your customers. Think about what they are interested in learning, what form of content they want to consume, and when. In most cases, patients are seeking answers to their concerns, such as aging skin, pigmentation, thinning lips, etc. They want to know how to address these issues that are most important to them.

If you learn to think of your blogs, posts and emails in terms of problem-solving messages, you can use this critical information to plan your content calendar.

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