Millennials have high expectations about the way they want to connect with brands and aesthetic practices. Responsiveness and personalization are among the keys to win them over. They also like free stuff, coupons, rewards, loyalty programs, and unique benefits. As with any good relationship, loyalty and affection is never a one-way street.

Since this group of patients is on a mission to jump on new innovations, the landscape of best tactics to reach them is different from traditional marketing methods. Although millennials are a diverse group, they do share certain characteristics, one of which is that they do not want to age like their parents did. The criteria they use to evaluate brands is often about price and social responsibility, and they expect to be listened to.

The opportunities with this patient segment are substantial but you need to reach them where they are in a way they can relate to.

For the most part, millennials have never known a world without the Internet and social media. Therefore, you can’t just take the same messages you use for other patient segments and repackage them to resonate with them. To excel at mobile marketing, your landing pages must be optimized for mobile. They need to be formatted so that they are not too graphics-intensive, load times do not take to long with slower connections, and important information should be easily readable on a pretty small screen. To keep users engaged, your call to action should be clear and easy to find.

Millennials respond well to innovation and convenience. Text messaging is the method of choice for them to confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments. Great visuals definitely make a difference in attracting millennials, and video is everything to them. The trend is definitely toward short, engaging video content. At a minimum, find an easy and fast way to make and post videos to all your social media channels, not just Snapchat and Instagram. Mobile ads via Facebook and Instagram can be effective, especially ads that include an exclusive offer or special reward. Value for money is a big plus with this group.

Leveraging technology today means being fast and flexible and instant gratification is a critical success factor.