Any business must have a website, but it can’t just be any website. If yours doesn’t have the proper bells and whistles, it likely won’t produce the kind of results you want.

For starters, your homepage – which is the most valuable piece of your virtual real estate portfolio – should reflect your brand and let visitors know who you are, what you do and why they should hang around and get to know you and your team better. Think of it like the window display for a retail store, passerbys want to take one look and know what kind of goods they will find if they walk in the front door of the establishment.

Feature your contact info upfront

Make sure it is not hidden. No one wants to hunt for this information. Today’s cosmetic patients also expect responses quickly, and if they don’t get what they want, they are out of there. Consider chatbots which provide instant gratification or adopt a policy in which all inquiries are answered within 24 hours or less. Sooner is better. Social media is another way for patients to connect with you so make sure all of the icons for your social media accounts are easy to spot and clickable.

Include all your awards

Your website is a good place for a #humblebrag. List your accomplishments, awards, and memberships in relevant organizations in the ‘about us’ section. Don’t overdo it on superlatives.

List the premium brands offered

Let visitors know what product lines and technologies you carry, including your own private-label brands. Showing that you have premium brands in your practice is a definite plus and instills confidence in prospective patients that they are coming to the right place.

Add a blog

Update it at least weekly and make sure the content is educational and engaging, not completely self-serving. It’s OK to highlight media clips, speaking gigs or awards as long as these posts are sprinkled in between other types of informative articles.

Update your photo gallery

A picture is worth 1,000 words – maybe more. Your website should feature a robust before-and-after gallery showcasing all of your impressive results. Make sure that a range of patients, ages, and skin types are represented in your photos.

Share patient reviews

Love them or hate them, reviews are here to stay. Adopt a show and tell strategy where you show your positive reviews on your website and tell (or kindly ask) happy patients to write a review on one or more of the review sites that matter most. Repost the best reviews on your website too.

Add some video content

This is no longer just seen as a bonus. Videos are an integral part of a modern website. They can help patients get to know you before they walk through your door. Consider virtual office tours as well as tasteful surgical videos or patient healing diaries.

Organize it properly

Create landing pages for all treatments services offered and keep them current. If your injectable pages haven’t been updated in a while and you are now using newer fillers or toxins to smooth wrinkles, make sure that you add content to reflect these changes.

Pick up the pace

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not too common among online shoppers. Make sure the loading speed on your page is up to snuff. Slow to load is the No. 1 reason that potential patients or customers don’t stick around. They will leave your site and never come back if you waste their time.

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