Congratulations. I know full well what a major accomplishment this is. I just published my 12th book, Aesthetic Clinic Marketing in the Digital Age (CRCPress). Writing a book is a long windy road filled with aggressive deadlines, sleepless nights and endless self doubt.

But once yours is done and dusted, the fun stuff really starts. It’s time to promote its sale and message and establish you as the expert on the topic in the process.

Let them know.

Is your book written for doctors? Patients? All comers? Figure out who your target audience is and let them know about your book. Consider inviting VIP patients in for a book signing and discussion about your book’s topic whether facial rejuvenation, skin care or eating right for your skin type. If it is a b2b book, look into speaking engagements at upcoming medical meetings, submit ideas for talks based on your books’ topics to all meetings, and contact university or alumni clubs about opportunities to host a reading and Q and A. Consider strategic partnerships with brands that make sense with your message. For example, if you discuss juices or smoothies that can improve complexion, a local health food store may be a good place to arrange a reading and demo.

Show it off.

Make sure your book is prominently displayed in your office as it helps credential you to new patients and secure your position as an expert in your field.

Promote it on social media.

Make sure to mention your new book across social media, but vary it with educational posts so it does not come across as overly self-serving.

Blog about it.

Use your blog to highlight key themes from your book in creative ways.

Consider a Facebook ad blitz to sell more books.

Assign a promotional budget for your book on all of your social media channels. Create specific segmented audiences to target for your ad strategies by gender, interests and/or location. Start small by boosting select posts on your practice’s Facebook business page. Make sure your call to action is clear; “BUY THIS BOOK OR RISK MISSING OUT.”

Let your media contacts know.

Local TV, magazine and newspapers may welcome a story or segment around your new book and its messaging.

Consider hiring a book publicist.

Many publishing companies no longer have publicity budgets so getting your book noticed falls on you – the author. A savvy book publicist can help promote sales and get your message out there.

Include it in your CV and bio.

Writing a book is a big deal and serves to credential you as an expert. Make sure to include your accomplishment in your website bio, CV and even in your email signature.

If a book seems too overwhelming to consider, think about an e-book instead. An e-book is a short synopsis on a particular topic that is created in a PDF format, and can be used as an ideal marketing hook to build your database; ‘JOIN OUR LIST TO GET OUR FREE E-BOOK).

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