Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd are widely known as pioneers in the social media marketing within the aesthetics category globally. Since 2008, we have grown a robust network to include a roster of brands and influencers in the health, medical, beauty, skincare, spa, and wellness categories.

Our consumer site – #BeautyInTheBag – is known as a global cosmetic beauty portal aimed at women age 30+ that provides timely and engaging content across multiple relevant digital platforms preferred and visited by women including the web, social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and the web. The BITB community also includes over 22,000 subscribers who get our bi-weekly #BeautyBlasts.

We feature the best beauty advice, cosmetic medicine, international trends, in-depth weekly profiles of a wide range of #BeautyGurus, plus insightful commentary from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and leading beauty experts. BITB also features #GorgeousGiveaways and #TwitterChats !

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