JOB TITLE: Community Manager


It’s no longer enough to have a webmaster and social media manager. Brands need a ‘Community Manager’ to help engage with customers and develop lasting relationships. Here’s what you need to know about this role and the candidate who can best fill it:


  1. Act as the first point of contact on social media platforms
  2. Respond as messages come in or posts appear online
  3. Foster relationships with online audiences and become an extension of our brand.
  4. Alert the Practice Manager or practitioner as medical questions arise or a more specific response is required
  5. Respond to simple requests in real-time
  6. Redirect customers to the website, an email address or phone number, and follow-up if needed
  7. Recommend and implement new community features
  8. Coordinate with public relations and marketing team to stay on message
  9. Work with social media manager and webmaster when appropriate
  10. Monitor and measure community engagement via key performance indicators (KPIs)


The ideal candidate can be in-house, a marketing consultant or external vendor. He or she must be able to prioritize work, meet deadlines and concentrate on detail in a fast-paced work environment.  The ideal candidate must be familiar with social media and social messaging apps.

Outgoing personality, people skills and understanding of the brand a must. The candidate must be comfortable enough to interact with patients or customers appropriately, and possess the ability to turn lemons into lemonade. It is entirely possible to convert unhappy customers to brand advocates if complaints are handled swiftly and proficiently.

This is not a 9-5 job. All applicants must understand that the job may involve some evenings and weekends, and may require responding to inquiries outside of traditional work hours. Social media doesn’t stop just because your office hours are done.

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