Remember the days, not long ago, that we lived and died by our desktop computers? Then desktops morphed into laptops and became almost obsolete, at least until laptops gave way to tablets. Now tablets have moved aside and the key to a successful web presence is for your site to be visible and clickable on the teeny tiny screens of a smartphone.

It used to be that websites were viewed on wide screens that sat on a desk. But now that smartphones have taken over the world, we are accessing the internet on increasingly small screens. Internet users spending their time on smartphones greatly outnumber PC users and this trend will continue in the near future.

Why does this matter? Well, if your website is not readable and clickable on a smartphone, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential traffic and visitors who will see your content and act on it. Today, your primary website must be visible on small screens and the navigation needs to be simple so users can get to the content they are looking for quickly on their mobile phones. This is called ‘responsive web design’ and it enables your site to fit on all versions of smartphones from Apple to Android.

Mobile users expect to be able to get what they need, immediately, and on their own terms.

Follow these 8 pointers to get your site up to speed:

  1. Make the most important information readily available in under 3 clicks.
  2. Menus should be short, abbreviated, and easy to find. Too many menu items to choose from will create confusion for the user.
  3. The search field should be up top and visible.
  4. Calls to action should be highlighted – such as, Schedule, Call us, Sign up, Fill out a Form, Shop, etc.
  5. Keep promotions and special offers to a minimum to avoid invading the user experience. Users should be able to opt out quickly from promotions, or they may log out entirely.
  6. Let users explore the site and get to know you before you start aggressively selling to them.
  7. Make it easy to filter in or out any content that the user does not want to see.
  8. Always include a visible link back to the HOME page.

A responsive web design has emerged as the best way to sustain the interest of mobile users. So, if you are trying to promote your practice, products and services in the digital world, a responsive website is mandatory.
Want to make sure your website is thumb-friendly? Check it out on your own phone to investigate the user experience firsthand.
If you are ready to take your website to the next level, reach out for a complimentary site audit from our digital team.