Z is for… well, lots of things, but in this case it refers to the generation following Generation Y (a.k.a the millennials).

In a nutshell, The Z’s were born in 1995 or later and by 2020, they will account for one-third of the U.S. population. Other names for this up-and coming cohort include Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, Founders, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation)

Some say that Generation Z is fast on its way to becoming the hottest demographic in town, so the question becomes how can you reach them with your messaging before your competitors do?

This is certainly a developing story, and as we all know technology is changing at a record pace, but we do have some concrete intel about generation Z already.

In: YouTube
Out: Instagram, Facebook

Move over Instagram, hello YouTube. Fully 95% of Gen Zers use YouTube, while just 69% use Instagram, followed by 67% on both Snapchat and Twitter. What’s more, 50 percent say they cant live without YouTube while just 15% need Snapchat to live and 9% say cant live without Instagram or Facebook, according to a survey of 1,500 Zs aged13 to 20 by Defy Media. This means that your social strategy will need a shakeup sometime soon. Think video!

In: Homegrown Internet Sensations
Out: Celebs, Reality Stars

When it comes to influencers, Generation Zers prefer a homegrown social media star to a celeb or reality star. This is good news as the hot-to-trot reality stars are charging $500,000 per post, according to media reports. Close to 50 percent of the Z tribe trust social stars for advice on beauty products. Find your next influencer today by visiting Youtube, typing in a keyword that is relevant to your brand or product such as fuller lips makeup tutorial Miami or anti-aging skin care routine Nashville, and watch. Once you identify some promising candidates, start the conversation by commenting on their videos.

In: Reviews and User-Generated Content
Out: Paid Ads

Much like their millennial counterparts, generation zers want to hear from people just like them. This means that reviews and other user-generated content should be front and center on your website. Start accruing the all-important commentary now by making sure all happy patients are posting (They likely won’t without a little gentle nudging). Share all good reviews on social media sites too. Investing in review management software may be a good use of marketing spend.

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