Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform in the free world, and it is getting harder to ignore it. If you have customers, clients or patients who are millennials or are under the age of 30, it’s time to pay attention to this important social network, owned by Facebook.

Follow our 6 tips to help grow your practice and engage with Instagrammers:

1.    Optimize Your Profile
Your Instagram profile is like your business card and it’s the first place people will look to find out more about you and your practice. Add a high resolution photo, brief description of your practice,
description of what you will be sharing on Instagram and a link back to your website URL.

2.    Showcase Your Services and Products
Insta is a cool way to show what you have to offer, but it is important to grow your followers by offering them educational content, appealing visuals, and creative product shots or other posts of interest that are shareable.

3.    Tag People You Know
When you tag someone in a photo, they automatically receive a notification and the photo is added to their ‘Photos of You’ section. This will ensure that they see your image, and increases the likelihood that they will share the photo with their followers. Remember to follow HIPAA – to be safe, DO NOT tag patients.

4.    Engage With Instragrammers
Tracking hashtags will give you a chance not only to find out what people are saying, and to jump in and take part in the conversation. Another way to engage with other users is to like and comment on their photos, and of course to respond to comments on your own images.
Engage with them by liking and commenting on their images.

5.    Use Relevant Hashtags
Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram, and most posts should include about 2-3. Keep captions short and fresh. Incorporate a max of three hashtags per post. Ask questions to engage people. Hashtags are searchable so they serve as a way for people to find and follow you.

6.    Post Beautiful Images
Edit your images with filters and other tools available in the Instagram app. Post photos and videos of beautiful and unexpected moments that also feel authentic and immediate. Whether your subject is a person or an object, capture it in a context that gives a sense of your brand’s identity or point of view.