A micro influencer is an influencer with a small, but loyal following.

Influencer marketing is the way forward for many brands, but most of those who yield tremendous sway also demand tremendous pay. Think Kim Kardashian or any of her sisters (even those from other misters). At $750,000 to $1 million a shot, the prices big-time influencers command for giving your brand a shout out are out of reach for most brands and practices. Plus there’s that whole credibility thing: how many belly-busting vitamins can one celeb really endorse?

Enter microinfluencers. These are truly loyal followers or brand ambassadors that actually enjoy your products and services. In short, they are the real deal.

Here are three reasons why microinfluencer marketing is right for you:

It’s affordable.

Working wth microinfluencers is a lot less expensive than making a deal with a celebrity or reality TV star. (Like a lot!)

They can get results.

Microinfluencers do command influence with their followers. Think of the natural born leader in a mom squad or exercise crew, or the ‘go to’ girlfriend in her circle who everyone asks for advice. They all want to know where she got that new bag or sneakers or where she has her BOTOX… and next thing you know, everyone goes there too.

They are more trustworthy.

Generation Zers prefer a microinfluencer to a celeb and reality star. They distrust the whole concept of pay for play, which means that traditional advertising and anything that smells like it carries a lot less weight that it once did. They are looking for authenticity and transparency, which is what micro-influencers can deliver.

Some of the same rules apply when choosing your micro-partners. Micro-influencers have less than a million followers compared with 50-plus million for some macroinfluencers, but it’s engagement that really matters . How many of their followers react, share or respond to the posts? These are the metrics that count.

Start your search close to home. Look to your loyal patients who follow you on social media. Check out their posts and reach to see who filts the bill. Test the waters by commenting on their posts and tagging them in yours. This will get the conversation flowing.

Next, ask them to review your services, and make sure to post these reviews prominently on your website and social media accounts. Pretty soon, you ill start to see some dividends.

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