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We’re all familiar with the never-ending stream of new treatment and product offerings. It can be difficult to keep pace (and even harder to pick and choose which are worth introducing to your practice), but if your menu of services has remained unchanged since the start of the pandemic, you’re missing out on the major aesthetic-treatment demand that’s happening right now.

Patients are seeking aesthetic treatments at an unprecedented level—whether due to the “Zoom Boom” or simply the desire to put their best faces (and bodies) forward as life slowly gets back to normal. The companies behind the latest products and devices are tapping into the reach of influencers, who are definitely playing a role in the surge of demand. If you don’t have the new “it” treatment, patients may go somewhere else to get it, but this is also an opportunity to leverage your wisdom as a leader in your field. If you don’t think a new technology or product is safe, effective or adds value to your practice, use your platform to convince existing and prospective patients that the services you offer are safe and effective. Before-and after photos are key and it’s best to avoid bashing any treatments or products you don’t offer—you may want to do business with these companies down the line.

Investing in new technology can help appeal to a wider audience, and even free up space in your office. Many platforms offer a wide range of capabilities with just one machine. The concerns that are seeing the biggest uptick in demand include cellulite and acne (especially due to patient concerns about systemic treatments) and non-invasive body contouring is surging. If you don’t already offer radiofrequency microneedling, get on that STAT as its applications include facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, scar improvement and more while being safe for all skin tones.

As you revisit your menu of services, add potential staffing needs to your list. If you decide to extend office hours to meet demand, find ways to reward your staff for their time and dedication. (You don’t want them leaving and going to a competitor.) Devoted employees are hard to find these days, so think about how a key staff member’s departure would affect your practice’s profitability.

You obviously need to promote any additions to your menu of services, but you don’t necessarily have to increase your marketing budget. Just be sure to announce your new offerings via social media, your website, e-blasts to patients, text messaging, videos and reaching out to local media.

Truth be told, many practitioners (and patients) want the “latest and greatest” treatments—the key is doing your homework and making sure any new investments will enhance your revenue. (But don’t just get a new device or platform because it’s trending on TikTok.)