Social media is cluttered with tweets, posts, pins, and videos from practically every corner of the world. It’s important to relay the right message to your followers so that they can feel comfortable engaging with you and your brand. Of course, the ultimate goal is for them to become an advocate for your brand, and creating shareable content can help make this a reality. The right content can increase the visibility of your brand by having your followers share your content with theirs.

Understanding your audience is key when it comes to creating content that will be shared. You should have a grasp of who your followers are, what they are interested in, and what types of information they may be looking for. A beauty brand, for instance, should know that its followers are likely seeking information about beauty, skincare, and wellness. Your content should always match your audience’s preferences.

To get your followers or fans to share your information, you have to catch their attention. Think about the last time you shared an article or link, or retweeted someone’s words. The post caught your attention for one of several reasons. Including news or a current event is one way to grab the attention of others. Timely posts about what’s going on in the world and how it relates to your brand can start a conversation with your followers and improve engagement. Another type of post with high shareability is something educational. Teach your audience something they didn’t already know. Note that it should be something relating to your brand and a relevant topic, but this type of useful information is highly likely to be spread online.

Now that you know what your audience is looking for, it’s important to present your content in the most shareable way possible. A fun and colorful infographic is sure to catch your followers’ attention. Infographics are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for delivering great information in a creative format. If an infographic doesn’t suit your content, try including an interesting image with your post. A picture is worth a thousand words and can grab the attention of a follower scanning through her Newsfeed. Lastly, and most obviously, include a share button with your content. You should make it as easy as possible for your fans to share what they like on all the social media platforms where you maintain a presence.

When in doubt about your post, just ask yourself, “Would I share this?” and try getting a second opinion from an objective party. He/she can provide you with an outside perspective on what works about your post and how effective it really is at engaging the viewer.