If you already have a blog on your practice website, you know how much time and effort it takes to keep it up. You may have enlisted a writer to help get it done in a timely manner, or perhaps you rely on your web team to handle the posts for you. Regardless of how the blog content is managed, posting these buckets of content just once online offers only a single opportunity to get fresh eyes on it. However, by repurposing this valuable content in various ways throughout your marketing program, you can easily breathe new life into an old blog post. This content can be shareable when presented in a different form with new visuals, images and video clips.

Here are some effective ways to get started on expanding the reach of your blog content:

  • Make a video out of it – Tape a quick video (about one minute) as an Instagram Story or use the content on Facebook Live or Instagram Live.
  • Turn it into a Infographic – Adapt snippets of information and key data points and add your personal creative touchpoints. Infographics are well suited to embed on other websites and social media channels and can get reposted and shared often if the theme is a popular topic.
  • Create an e-book – Recycle the content for an e-book to be used in a PDF format to offer as a CTA (call to action) to build your email list. Write an introduction, divide the blog copy into mini chapters, and add some creative fonts and visuals plus your logo.
  • Use it as a podcast – Podcasts are simple to record just by reading the blog content and improvising along the way to make it sound more conversational.
  • Develop a slide show – Select key bullets to post on Slideshare which lives on LinkedIn, and add images to make the content more compelling to readers. Include a CTA on the last slide to drive viewers to a landing page to get more information on the topic.
  • Reformat the blog for a Facebook post – Condense the content to work as a Facebook post and create a cool visual in the form of a GIF, meme or snapshot with hashtags and emojis for a totally different tone.

You can maximize your ROI by repurposing all or most blog post content. Some blog posts that are not dated and considered evergreen (in other words, the topics will always be relevant) may be recycled months or even years later for the greatest effect.

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