Generating online buzz about your brand doesn’t typically happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overly time consuming either.

Here are 5 simple ways to build brand awareness and keep the momentum up:

1. Blog

An active, up-to-date blog gets, and keeps, your name out there. Aim for weekly posts. Keep them short, sweet and edgy to attract readers.

2. Film it

Add video content to your website via YouTube and social media platforms weekly. As with blogs, keep videos short and sweet. Choose topics that will resonate with your target audience such as the latest trends in skin care.

3. Publish

Consider submitting bylined articles to other relevant websites each month. This will show off your expertise and drive traffic back to your websites. Keep the articles informative and engaging. Avoid loading copy with key words solely for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, which will render them virtually unreadable.

4. Create

An infographic can be used to highlight data, statistics, milestones, history, and to tell a compelling story about your brand. Infographics get great pick up on social media channels because they tend to be entertaining, easy to read, and eye-catching.

5. Share

Slideshare allows you to upload your slide decks and share with them with the online world. Tread carefully here: Once you upload a slide deck online, it is in the public domain and may be downloaded, copied or shared with or without your permission even your competitors.