Video is now an essential component of any marketing program. Why? Because most people are inherently too busy and too lazy to read a lot of text. Video offers an alternative for fans and followers to consume content in a user-friendly way.

You don’t need pricey cameras, setups or editing apps to get started. Most of us can manage this task fairly well just by using their iPhones or iPads. Keep in mind that many users will play your video without sound, so it is a good idea to add captions to your video snippets so they can follow along and get the key messages you intend to convey, even if they don’t turn up the volume.

Video content also serves a multitude of purposes; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, blogs and website landing pages, to name a few. In fact, consider this: almost anywhere you can use images and text, you can also use video.

Some video ideas to try:

  • How-to guides
  • Patient experiences, diaries
  • Behind-the-scenes in your practice
  • New launches
  • Meet the Staff
  • Consultations
  • Live treatments
  • Practice milestones
  • Walk through your practice

Get creative and make it personal so the video is uniquely your own

Try taping short videos with 3-5 tips on a particular topic (skincare, sun protection, wellness, weight loss, body sculpting) that will assist, educate, or entertain your followers. Pay attention to the engagement and shares you get, and if the response is good, do more of those.

Short videos are an ideal strategy for increasing both your organic reach and driving engagement. More is more – aim to do video at least on a weekly basis and preferably several times a week from your practice, a conference, the hospital or at your desk when the mood strikes you.

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