TO-DO LIST: Ten Things to Do to Grow Your Practice

  • Review all Google alerts. Set Google alerts for your name, your practice’s name and common misspellings of either These are free and allow you to see who is talking about you or your practice online. Prospective patients will likely see all of this content and the only way to be prepared for their questions is if you are in the loop.
  • Ask happy patients to write five-star online reviews. Make it easy by telling them what sites matter most, namely Google, Realself, Facebook and Yelp.
  • Respond! With social media, you can’t just post and walk away. You need an in-house or external person who is tasked with responding and keeping these conversations alive.
  • Pay to play. Social media is not free and ads are needed to give your posts maximum reach. The least expensive option is to boost an already well-performing Facebook post for $30. Facebook owns Instagram which means you can boost a Facebook post and automatically push it to Instagram.
  • Own your hashtags. Hashtags get your content seen. Choose and use hashtags with widespread appeal and add a specific, narrow identifier such as #fatfreezingbydrs along with more generic hashtags that speak to what you do and care about. Try using #Medicalaesthetics #Healthcare #Wellness #Dermatology #Plasticsurgery
  • Update your database. Your database is liquid gold. It is scalable and scalable and can make your practice attractive to private equity if you ever decide to sell. Check and confirm patients’ contact information each time they walk into your office
  • Add ‘forward to a friend’ on all of your marketing correspondence. This easy call to action can more than double your reach.
  • Incorporate videos on all of your social media channels and on your website. Add video content on a regular basis including footage of in-house events, consults, testimonials and/or patient diaries. (Make sure you have the proper consent from patients first.)
  • Use a social media dashboard. Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and others can make it easier to schedule your social media posts.
  • Promote a recent blog. When you have some free time, write a new blog entry on a trend you are seeing in practice or in the media. Make sure to promote this entry on your website and social media channels for maximum reach. Blog entries can and should be short and sweet –about 500 words. Aim for one per week.

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