Web design and digital marketing trends are constantly changing. If you haven’t shown your website some love in a few years, you may be in need of a simple refresh to keep it modern and effective.

Websites should be concise, easy to use and intuitive and reflect the practice’s goals. This is why it is so important to reflect your branding in everything you put out in the market. Branding is about more than just picking the best colors and fonts for your landing page; it’s about your whole practice’s image.

How often you should update your website will depend on how well your site is performing across a range of metrics. When you find that your site isn’t producing results that make an impact on your bottom line, it’s time to take action.

Check these 5 metrics to find out:

If your site mobile responsive?

This means that it should load quickly and be fully functional on mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones, which is the preferred way to search today rather than on a desktop. Redesigning your site to be mobile-friendly is an absolute must or you will be missing out on a large share of web traffic.

Is the design looking outdated?

Trends in web design are in flux all the time, so if your landing page is not up to par, it will be less appealing to visitors, so they won’t spend time on it. This can have a major impact on reducing traffic and leads. Your site has to look good and be easy to navigate to generate interest in visitors to spend more time looking at your content and hopefully, taking the next step to make an appointment to come into your practice.

Are you getting enough traffic to the site?

If your site has decent traffic but you are not getting sales or leads that convert to patients, something is not working for you. Consider having a few pros do an evaluation of your site’s performance and check on the keywords that you are using. This is a critical success factor. You want to direct the right visitors to your site who are interested in the products and services you offer by focusing on the keywords they are searching for. For example, fat sculpting, body shaping, Botox for wrinkles, etc.

Are you getting enough leads?

If your site is not generating many or any new leads and product sales, that needs attention. You may not need a total overhaul, but some simple tweaks can make a big difference. It may be that your copy is not interesting or search-engine friendly, so it is not ranking well. Adding more content can help and develop stronger messaging, additional landing pages to highlight popular services, and adding a call to action to each page can give your site a big boost.

Is your site too hard to navigate?

If it takes more than a few clicks to get to where they want to go, visitors may opt out. Consumers expect websites to be easy to use and to find the content they are looking for. Take a deep dive into how your website works to decide whether a visitor could get to the information they want without breaking a sweat. If visitors have to click more than a few times to figure out where to go on your site, they will lose interest and not come back. The navigation may need to be improved to redirect visitors to the most popular areas they want to see.

Does your website need a facelift? Our team of digital marketing pros can help.