An intimate, open conversation will go far to build long-lasting trust and customer loyalty. This starts with listening more closely to what patients are posting and commenting.

Consumers’ expectations and perspectives have also shifted. In-person encounters have been minimized across the board which necessitated other ways to build authentic connections with people. Thus, social media has emerged as the number one way to create personal connections. Aim to meet your current and future patients where they are spending the most time, which means Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Reels or the next hot platform.

Social media has tapped into the way we naturally build communities around topics that matter to us. The best way to develop your community is by producing relevant content in the form that your audience wants to consume. This means engaging photographs, beautiful graphics and images, and more video. Content marketing is the path to stimulate positive conversations, build relationships and trust, and emanate empathy. This now requires a different tone from pre-COVID.

Leverage your best content to nurture conversations through blog posts, Instagram Live, webinars, Facebook communities, YouTube videos, and more. Listening closely to your customer’s responses will provide vital clues as to their wants and needs. Be careful not to create content that is insensitive to how their lives may have changed. Keeping content useful and relevant to your target audience will help to maintain them. Format your content in the most appealing ways; for example, less text and more visuals, more targeted key messages, and a lighter, friendlier tone.

Digital marketing offers the most direct and effective methods for lead generation at a lower cost and with measurable outcomes. The need to diversify your marketing strategies and adopt more digital opportunities is the clear path to emerging successful on the other side. Got a medical marketing question or concern? Reach out to us