Without a doubt, the pandemic took its toll on aesthetics. However, many signs are pointing to a quick recovery with practices doing better while many are experiencing a steady growth pattern.

In the earlier period of COVID-19, the characteristic ‘Lipstick Effect’ took a time out. But it has awakened now as consumers are turning to beauty as a form of pampering and calming. Aesthetic treatments and products are having a soothing effect that makes patients feel better about themselves. Whether it’s a feel-good self-care facial and body treatment, or injectables, lasers, and light-based therapies, aesthetics is starting to thrive again. 

The treatments that seem to be taking off in addition to injectables, are non-invasive body shaping which is uber-popular for all age groups and genders, RF microneedling for skin and scar improvements, and sexual wellness for women and men. We have seen a steady stream of home and office devices, topical products, and treatments that address incontinence, dryness, and sexual function issues for both sexes.

Retail has certainly taken a big hit, which has opened the door for medspas and aesthetic practices to sell more clinical skincare directly to their patients. The fast-paced world of e-commerce has emerged as a critical success factor for most beauty and skincare brands, and professional brands and aesthetic practices are jumping on that trend. A new category has emerged around variations of hand hygiene products that are popping up from luxe to drugstore brands eager to earn their share of that growing market.

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