In the post-COVID landscape, take advantage of special offers from vendors who want your business right now. For example, there are some great deals to be made on capital equipment that can add a treatment that may be missing from your current menu that patients are asking for. Many device brands are offering deferred payments and trade-ins for old clunkers that can be tempting. Trade up anything that is an expensive coat hanger and replace it with better technology that is faster, easier to delegate, and delivers superior outcomes for patients. That is a win-win.

Another smart investment for upgrading your business systems and technology can set your practice up for success. The tedious paperwork, filing, chart notations, prescriptions, and other grunt work processes that can be streamlined or automated will save on staff time and make them happier and more productive. It also improves the operation of your practice and cuts down on the potential for human error and employee theft.

Most importantly, the time is right to jump on voice search for your business and add an updated programmable voice assistant to your website. The former will allow your business to get found by Alexa and Siri, “Where is the best laser clinic near me?” The latter will make your practice more accessible to patients after hours by being programmed to respond to simple questions, directions, schedule live/virtual consultations, and more. Consumers have become more comfortable with these early AI developments; thus, you may capture more patients through being more visible and easier to connect with.

If you have a bigger budget to invest in, consider hiring a marketing manager for your practice or possibly promoting someone on staff to take on that role. For group practices, this role is a must-have. For early-stage solo practices, it may help you grow your aesthetics business faster. In some states, it may be more economical to enlist an experienced external marketing agency instead of assigning an employee.

Whichever route you take, you will need a comprehensive marketing program to maximize your practice’s potential and stay connected with patients in a meaningful way.

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