Why do clients go to medspas and aesthetic clinics? They go because they are looking for a solution to a problem or concern. Perhaps they’re feeling stressed, losing their hair, breaking out, unhappy with their skin condition, gaining some bulges in all the wrong places, looking older, etc. For many, it could be a long list.

In order to build loyalty with your clients and patients, you need to work towards solving their individual problems. Listen to them carefully to find out what they are most concerned about, and make sure you have a solution to meet all of their needs. If you are missing a treatment, product, or service that your clients are seeking, you risk losing them to a competitor. This does not mean that you must have every non-surgical body shaping system on the market, or promote your expertise in all the hyaluronic acid gel fillers available. Rather it means that you should pay close attention to the trends that are attracting your clients and what they are reading to be sure not to have any holes in what you can offer.

Instead of constantly adding more and newer, consider upgrading. Think about the adage, out with the old, in with the new. For example, if you have an old piece of capital equipment that you made your money back on yet patients aren’t really asking for anymore, you have three good options; Sell it off, trade it in for a newer model or something better, or reinvent it. By ‘reinvent,’ I mean to combine it with another treatment, repackage it with something else and give it a fresh name to generate renewed interest among your clients and patients. If the treatment just doesn’t deliver results anymore, opt to sell it or trade it in, so as not to cheapen your brand with inferior services.
If you continually pay close attention to what your clients want and need, you will never go wrong. Remember that word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. So, if you provide an above average experience for your clients, they will spread the word and drive more clients into your practice or medspa.

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