Aesthetic practices and medspas need to rethink their marketing tactics to attract the selfie generation. YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the millennial battle cry; they strive to be first time experiencers.

Millennials, between age 18-34, are considered the largest generation by population size. They have high expectations about the way they want to connect with brands and aesthetic practices. Responsiveness and personalization are among the keys to win them over.

Since this group of patients is on a mission to jump on the latest and greatest innovations, the landscape of tactics to reach them is different from the ways we traditionally market to attract new patients. Although millennials are a diverse group, they do share certain characteristics, and they expect to be listened to.

They are into facial exfoliations, microdermabrasion, IPLs, acne therapies, and laser hair removal. The more affluent may consider rhinoplasty and chin implants. Older millennials may be interested in everything the Kardashians do, from lip fillers, lasers for browns and reds, non-surgical fat reduction, cellulite therapies, and breast implants. The opportunities with this patient segment are substantial.

Mobile marketing is essential because millennials live on their phones and text more than they actually talk to each other. So, you can’t just take the same messages you use for other patient segments and repackage them to resonate with them. Landing pages must be optimized for mobile so that they are not too graphics-intensive, load times should not take too long with slower connections, and the most important info must be easily readable on a tiny screen. To keep users engaged, your call to action should be clear so they know what to click on next.

Mobile ads via Instagram can be effective to target this group of patients. Ads that tend to play well include some form of an exclusive offer or special reward. If you are dispensing skincare products, direct e-commerce can be built in, so that purchasing becomes seamless. Instant gratification is paramount; Think Uber and the Starbuck’s app.

Millennials respond positively to innovation and convenience. Engaging these users with interesting social content is also a critical success factor. Millennials move fast so you need to pick up the pace or the moment will be lost forever. Authenticity also counts big and they gravitate towards original voices and fresh ideas. Great visuals definitely make a difference, and short video and streaming are everything.

Milennials don’t like to be sold; they want to be enticed. Make sure they feel informed and involved, not just marketed to. They are most heavily motivated by their peers and influencers they relate to rank high. The best way to get your message across to them is to have millennials spread the word for you.

Marketing to millennials requires flexibility because their preferences are constantly in a state of flux. The more segmentation you can achieve, the more return you can get from your marketing budget. Try out a few campaigns to vet the approach before investing heavily. Keep up with the celebrities and influencers that your millennial targets follow to learn what’s trending and join the conversation, using the hashtags that are relevant to them.

Lastly, you need to be visible where they are. Make it easy for them to find you and to do that, you have to stand out. They tend to appreciate personalized, funny, clever, and helpful content marketing to drive loyalty and purchasing decisions, and their attention spans are rather brief. So, if you want to attract this lucrative group of customers, they are price shoppers and look for good value for money. Strategies that catch their eye may include a VIP loyalty program, package series and treatment bundling, BOGO (buy one, get one), samples, mini treatments, refer a friend bonus, etc.

Stay authentic and true to your brand to win the hearts –and dollars — of these coveted customers.
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