You just took half a week off from your practice to attend a conference. Now you’re ready to tell the world about all the exciting things you learned!

If you are adding a new treatment, device, procedure, product or technique from pearls you picked up at the meeting, bring your staff up to speed. If you have something new to promote to your patients, work out a game plan for the launch.

Host a lunch and learn for Very Important Patients, your loyal patients who always come back and send their friends. Tell the already engaged crowd about the new device/procedure/product/technique, how many treatments or applications are needed, the type of results they can expect and provide a short demo, if relevant. Serve a light lunch or healthful snack and offer a discount on services booked that day.

Get a branded step and repeat in your office and encourage attendees to take photos and share the images across social media. A clever hashtag such as #igotmyglowonat[practice name] helps with tracking and exposure.

Well-planned and expertly executed events can generate bookings, but all of the other aspects of your marketing plan must be in line before you pass go. Your website should include all the relevant intel on the new service to coincide with your launch event.

Give the new service or product a shout out in your practice newsletter or e-mail campaign, and include posts with basic information about it (with images, GIFs and videos) on your social media calendar.

For your blog, consider leading with the patient pain point (such as aging skin or muffin tops) and including the new device, procedure, product or technology as a potential solution so it comes across as less promotional and more educational.

What you do at the meeting can also help build buzz and further cement your position as a leader in your field. If you are presenting or your research is being highlighted, reach out to local and on-site media and let them know that you will be at the meeting and ready, willing and able to comment on your areas of expertise and the trends.

Take lots of photos with colleagues and on the exhibit hall floor, tag them and share on all of your social media channels. Make sure you use the conference’s dedicated hashtags so your content can get found and shared on their own channels.

Short videos, Facebook Live or Instagram Stories are also a great tool to spice up your content. These will resonate with new and existing patients to whom you want to position yourself as up to date on the latest and greatest advances in your field of expertise.

You spend your valuable time at meetings and following this plan can help make sure it is time well spent.

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