Marketing and PR have historically been considered two diverse strategies with some overlap. Due to the rise of social media, however, they have merged to having more in common than ever. As social media marketers shift their focus towards earned media and user-generated content, publicists are turning to social data to measure the reach and impact of earned media hits. The two strategies are not mutually exclusive.

When it comes to sales and marketing, an integrated approach is usually the best way to go. Positive press can go far to boost both sales and marketing efforts. Think about it this way: How do you sell something that no one knows about?

Having your product or brand featured in newspapers and online outlets, having the doctor on TV or getting a mention of a big award win or milestone can drive sales and revenue. New patients will seek you out when they see you featured in relevant media outlets they trust. These are just some of the many important ways PR can boost your business and raise your brand’s profile as an authority and industry influencer.

Harnessing the power of PR

PR is widely considered to be a valuable tool for promoting an aesthetics practice and attracting new clients. Earned media coverage is far more worthwhile than advertising because it is not paid for. Implementing a PR campaign can also reduce your advertising spend. Done well, it can also get you in front of a more targeted audience that advertising typically does.

Media coverage allows potential customers to get to know you in a different way, and reinforce your position and reputation as an expert in your field. Your messages may resonate faster and better than any other marketing tactic. Start by determining what media and information your audience and ideal customers are consuming. Discover where to find media contacts relevant to your local practice, and reach out to key players directly with a relevant pitch.

PR pros and social media marketers can work synergistically to get better results from each of their strategies. In fact, you can boost the power of media hits by leveraging it.

6 Ways to Leverage Media Hits:

  1. Post on your website – with a link to the site for the outlet or with the full article
  2. Include the press mention as a blog post
  3. Blast out through social media channels – tagging the writer/editor or anchor and outlet
  4. Track the metrics that matter
  5. Leverage trending topics via social media
  6. Engage your audience as an ‘expert’ in a particular topic that you were featured in the media on

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