Take a deep dive into your practice to consider what is missing that patients may already ask for. If you are not sure, ask some of your core patients what they are interested in trying.

Look at what you have in the practice that you are not really using, as it may be worth trading in to apply to the cost of a new system that can drive a new revenue stream. Also, consider the size of the device and whether you can fit it easily into one of your treatment rooms. Some systems may be bulky and thus, take up extra space that you don’t have without moving things around or redesigning your office. There are numerous platforms to consider that offer good value because you can use them to treat a wide range of patients, conditions, body and facial areas, and skin types. One caveat is not to make a big purchase for something that you already don’t have patients interested in. For example, if you don’t have a stream of patients asking about tattoo removal, a picosecond laser may not make sense because you will have to spend more on marketing to attract those patients.

Most successful practices I know expect to see quick ROI from new purchases, thus, they want to pay off the lease or upfront costs rapidly by doing enough treatments.  So, it’s important to find out what the average price is in your market is, and how many sessions or patients to treat to break even in a reasonable time frame, like six months.

Right now, one of the hottest categories patients are asking for is non-invasive body shaping, fat reduction, and muscle tightening. After being quarantined for months, many of us have put on some extra weight and are motivated to do something about it without having surgery or long downtime. There is tremendous consumer awareness about these procedures, plus celebrity endorsements, so now is an ideal time to investigate the best options for your practice. Body shaping treatments cast a wide net; women and men of all ages are body-conscious so the patient pool continues to expand.

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