Right now, the best way to reach new patients who may convert to real patients in 2021 is to take a patient-centric approach; talk less, listen more, and be more sensitive to their current struggles.

To remain competitive, strong, and relevant digital content is a critical success factor to help consumers engage, build connections with your audience, and retain their interest in your practice for when they are ready to have surgery, a treatment or to purchase skincare. Traditional methods to acquire new patients may not work at all or as well anymore, so you need to pivot quickly. By converting live events, patient visits, and consultations to virtual options, many practices I talk to are thriving once they were able to open full-stop.

At least a certain group of patients will be more cautious in their choices and timing, which may mean that the time from initial consultation to pulling the trigger will be longer. Patients may need multiple touchpoints, more nurturing, reassurance, and convincing before they sign up, especially for the most invasive procedures. This is also true specifically among an older population of patients who may be more concerned with their health, and mothers who are worried about the pending school situation.

Marketing should be redesigned to take a more personalized approach to send the right message to the right people at the right time. For example, aggressive weekly eblasts promoting your special offers may not be looked upon kindly now. Printed materials, brochures, forms, and regular mail may no longer be practical, especially as text messaging can put you in touch with patients in a matter of seconds.

Tactics that are designed to build relationships directly with patients based on empathy will serve you well in the long term. Speaking more closely to their challenges, fears, and concerns about the current state of the world put you in the position of being a welcome friendly source. Got a medical marketing question or thinking about making some changes? Reach out to us Anne@wendylewisco.com