Congratulations, it’s a … new body sculpting/hair removal/skin tightening system!

You took the plunge at your last meeting and are the proud owner of the HOT new device that everyone is talking about. Now comes the real challenge — introducing it to your new and existing patients and generating a good (if not, great) return on your investment (which was significant).

First things first, make sure to get your entire staff on-boarded and trained on the device or procedure and the relevant talking points before you start to roll it out to your patients. For a successful launch, everyone must be on the same page about the benefits, risks and messaging to speak to patients intelligently about what the system can do and any related downtime and side effects.

Just because you are not ready for prime time yet doesn’t mean all marketing efforts should be put on hold. Building early buzz can get patients and potential patients excited and interested in the treatment even before it is available. Post teasers across your social media channels such as “coming soon: a new way to slim down” and use images and gifs to sweeten the bait.

It’s also important to develop practice marketing materials with your key messages. This includes a new landing page about the treatment on your practice website, a blog post about what it is, what it does and who it is for along with some plugs on social media and in your e-newsletter campaign. Start placing in-office signage in high-traffic patient areas to create additional anticipation and get patients thinking about the device or procedure. Include footage and information about the treatment in the loop of videos that play in your waiting area as well.

Once the device is up and running and the staff is fully engaged, treat friends and family to a procedure to gain experience and solicit honest feedback on the experience. Send special invitations to VIP patients to be the first to experience the new treatment once you have worked out any kinks. Your own pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure to create a strong photo portfolio to use to educate patients and get them interested in trying it. With proper consent, share these before and after photos on your website and social media too.

Social media is the new word of mouth. Getting video content of treatments and mock consultations can be great fodder on Instagram stories, Facebook live or YouTube.

Remember that it takes time to launch a new procedure and get patients interested in trying it out, but starting with a plan and getting everyone on board are some of the keys to success.

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